Covid-19 Safety Measures

At INTERSPORT Rent, hygiene has always been very important to us in ski and bike rental. It has always gone without saying for us that we disinfect helmets, ski boots and other rental items after every rental. Of course we are doing this as thoroughly as ever in the current corona situation. Please  pay attention to keep distance to others and wear a FFP2-mask where necessary. If you're not feeling well, please stay at home. This is how we can protect each other.


We are doing this and much more for your safety:

  • Careful disinfection of the equipment after each rental.
  • Hygiene stations with hand sanitiser for our customers.
  • Sufficient distance through guidance systems in the shop.
  • Many of our employees have completed a COVID-19 safety training. This training is TÜV certified.
  • We attach great importance to the health of our customers and employees.


By the way: If you book your equipment online we can already prepare everything and you just need to pick up your equipment. Ideally, you should also pay online, so we can avoid contact with cash. You can of course cancel your reservation at any time free of charge. You will then receive your money back. Our customers have been relying on this for many years.

Information on the current situation in Austria

Given the current Coronavirus infection situation, a temporary nationwide lockdown is in effect in Austria since 22. November 2021 until 12. December inclusive. All tourist facilities such as hotels, restaurants (only take-away possible), bars, cultural institutions, leisure centres, etc. are closed.

Is skiing possible during the lockdown? Ski resorts and cable cars are allowed to open during the lockdown. Skiing is therefore possible under consideration of the 2-G-rule (being vaccinated or recovered). You have to wear an FFP2 mask in gondolas, chair lifts and lift stations.

Is rental open during the lockdown? Yes, renting sports equipment is possible and for the purpose of ski rental, it is also permitted to enter the shop. Please wear an FFP2 mask and keep distance to others. We recommend to make an online reservation and to fill in all data of the online check-in (skill level, body height and weight). This way our RENTertainers can already prepare the equipment. You are also welcome to contact the dealer and make an appointment for picking up the equipment. Ski depots can also be used. Ski service and bike service is also allowed during the lockdown.


After the end of the current lockdown, the 2-G-rule (proof of full vaccination/past infection) will be in effect again in Austria. The following measures will be in place:

  • For hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, leisure centres, gyms, cultural institutions (cinemas, theatres etc.), ski lifts and body-related services (such as hairdressers) proof of vaccination/recovery is mandatory (so called "2-G").
  • Corona tests of any kind (both PCR and antigen tests) are no longer permitted as proof of entry. During a transitional period until 6 December 2021, the first vaccination in combination with a PCR test is valid as proof of entry.
  • In retail and museums, the wearing of an FFP2 mask is mandatory.
  • The validity of the vaccination certificates is reduced to nine months from full immunisation (previously 12 months). After that, another dose (usually the third) is needed for a valid certificate.
  • Children under the age of twelve are currently exempt from the obligation to present proof of entry. This regulation will also apply in the future. A practicable regulation is being worked on for minors over the age of twelve.

Entering Austria under consideration of being PCR-tested, recovered or vaccinated is possible from most European countries and some other countries without quarantine. 

In Austria, the EU digital Covid certificate ("green passport") is accepted. Alternative proofs (test certificate, vaccination certificate in German or English) are also valid.

Regional (additional) measures can be taken that go beyond the nationwide measures. Information on this can be found on the website of the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs. In the province of Salzburg, Upper Austria and Vienna, FFP2 masks are currently mandatory in all retail shops.

To what extent are children affected by the measures? Children from the age of 12 require a 2-G proof wherever a 2-G proof is required. Children up to the age of six are exempt from the mask requirement. Children aged between six and 14 years are allowed to wear a nose-mouth protection instead of the FFP2 mask.




Skiing holiday in Austria – what can I expect?

Entering restaurants and hotels is possible when you are vaccinated or recovered. 

In cable cars, the 2-G rule (vaccinated, recovered) applies. The proof of vaccination or of recovery will be checked when buying the lift pass. 

The 2-G rule (vaccinated, recovered) also applies for après ski and christmas markets.

Exercising to stay healthy! Skiing and snowboarding are outdoor sports. Exercising in the fresh mountain air boosts our circulation and strengthens our immune system. It is also easy to keep disctance in the Austrian mountains.

We can achieve anything together! During your holiday, please make sure to wear a FFP2 mask where necessary and wash your hands regularly. If you feel ill, please inform your hotel immediately and rest. Cashless payments are also recommended wherever possible. If you book your sports equipment online, you will get to the mountains even faster.

Measures for a safe winter

For many activities (e.g. entering restaurants, hotels etc.) the so-called "3-G rule" (= short for German “geimpft, getestet, genesen” which means tested, vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19) applies. There is a wide range of testing opportunities in Austria. For autumn and winter 2021/2022, Austria works with a stage plan based on the occupied intensive care beds:

Stage 1

These measures apply additionally when 200 intensive care beds are occupied:

  • Wearing an FFP2 mask is obligatory in shops for daily needs (e.g. grocery store, pharmacy, banks), public transport and cable cars.
  • Wearing an FFP2 mask is obligatory in all shops and museums for those that are not vaccinated or have recoverd from Covid-19.
  • 3-G rule applies for events and gatherings of 25 persons or more
  • Antigen tests are now only valid for 24 hours from the time the test is taken

Stage 2

7 days after exceeding 300 occupied intensive care beds, the following additional measures apply:

  • So called 2-G rule (vaccinated/recovered) applies in nightclubs and discos, for après ski and at events without assigned seating with more than 500 attendees
  • Antigen self tests are no longer accepted as proof; antigen tests (carried out at the chemist, testing facilities) and PCR-tests are accepted as proof

Stage 3

Directly after exceeding 400 occupied intensive care beds, the following additional measures apply:

  • Concerning the 3-G rule: vaccinated, recovered or PCR tested. Antigen tests are no longer sufficient anywhere.

Stage 4

Directly after exceeding 500 occupied intensive care beds, the following additional measures apply:

  • So called 2-G rule (vaccinated/recovered) applies in restaurants, Events and meetings > 25 people
  • Details are still being worked out

Stage 5

Directly after exceeding 600 occupied intensive care beds, the following additional measures apply:

  • Lockdown for the unvaccinated
  • Details are still being worked out


Visit the website of the Austrian National Tourist Office for more up-to-date information on winter holidays in Austria in times of the Corona virus, entry regulations and testing opportunities.

Despite of careful research, we cannot guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the information provided. 

Last update: 22.11.2021

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