About us

The strong INTERSPORT Rent team lives its passion for mountains on a daily basis, since it is made from “waschechte”* Rentertainers**. They love working in the most beautiful Austrian landscapes and making their customers’ holiday experience unforgettable thanks to their advice. Most of them grew up in the mountains and really know what they are talking about.

We are certain that you will also feel this regional authenticity that makes your visit of INTERSPORT Rent so unique.


All-around carefree package

INTERSPORT Rent offers you all kinds of attractive benefits on site. Enjoy your holiday relaxed and entirely well cared for. Your winter sport with the newest skis, boards and fun equipment is guaranteed to be unforgettable with INTERSPORT Rent.

185 shops in the 70 most beautiful winter sports regions are your first address for all things winter sports, holiday, and skiing.

And it is a good thing that INTERSPORT Rent is a part of the big picture:
up to 50,000 customers a day and over 1.5 million regulars make INTERSPORT Austria the number 1 sporting goods retailer in Austria, and that for more than 50 years!


*”waschecht”: is Austrian slang for a genuine and unparalleled original.

** The term “Rentertainer” is our own creation. It is a combination of the words “rent” and “entertainer” and stands for having fun renting.