With a little extra security for your data

At INTERSPORT, we want your payment process to be as secure and easy as possible.

The security of your data is our highest priority. Your credit card information is safeguarded using the most modern technologies. Your data is protected against unauthorised access by an encrypted data transfer using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

How does payment work?

We offer you 3 different methods of payment. Please note that it depends on the dealer which payment methods are provided. In some cases you may not have the possibility to choose all of them. When you are done with the reservation, simply choose one of the provided methods of payment.

  • Credit card (MasterCard or Visa)
    Enter your credit card number, expiry date and if required, security code. The security code is a three-digit code located at the back of all credit cards. If you have registered your credit card for the payment procedure MasterCard Secure Code or Verified by VISA, you will be asked for your password instead of the security code.
  • Immediate transfer
    Simply pay using your usual online banking data and save some time. An immediate transfer offers you a high level of security since it is carried out using a multilevel authentication method and a single-use TAN number.

We are there for you. If you have any questions considering security and payment, please contact info@intersportrent.at