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INTERSPORT Online Skischool

Become a ski-star!

Children and adults have endless fun while skiing in the Austrian alps. What could be nicer than rocking the perfectly groomed slopes while enjoying the sun and the blue sky? Maybe you even dare in the deep snow to delight in tracing out first tracks?

It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced skier who wants to improve his technique: The INTERSPORT Online Ski School is perfect for preparing at home for your skiing holiday.

The bronze medal winner of the 2018 Winter Olympics, Michi Matt, gladly accepted our invitation to show you the most important basics of skiing. Who, if not him, is the best expert?

In the videos he briefly explains the prerequisites, technique and finally shows the individual short exercises.

Off to the slopes and become a Snow Hero!

Playlist: All INTERSPORT Online Ski School videos

Equipment/Gliding- and Schuss Exercises

In this video of our INTERSPORT online skischool you will learn how to get used to your ski equipment and start with the first gliding- and schuss exercises.


Michi Matt shows you how the snowplot works.

Turning the snowplot

In this part you will will see how to initiate the first turns out of the snowplow position. Have fun!

Alpine basic position/Edges and Sliding

In this part Mike will show how to change from the snowplow position into parallel skiing.

Controlling the snowplow

Now it is time to learn how to control the snowplow.

Parallel skiing with long radii + pole planting

Do you know, how to parallel ski with long radii and how to use the poles correctly? Michi Matt knwos how to!

Parallel skiing with short radii + pole planting

In this video you will learn how to parallel ski with short radii.

Powder skiing

The best part about skiing - powder skiing! Learn how it works watching the INTERSPORT Online ski school.