Have fun and do some good!

RED NOSES weeks at INTERSPORT - you donate to clown doctors too

It has become a tradition over the years and it’s that time again: INTERSPORT is celebrating the RED NOSES weeks from 16th until 18th of August 2021 together with all its customers throughout Austria. This year, soap bubbles instead of red noses are waiting for you in over 280 INTERSPORT shops.

The charitable organisation’s specially trained humour experts cheer up everyday life in Austria’s hospitals with their unique mix of empathy and playful elements.

The RED NOSES clown doctors have been visiting local hospitals for more than 20 years. Happiness and carefree moments give patients new strength and are proven to help with the recovery to good health.

INTERSPORT Rent für Rote Nasen

INTERSPORT is one of the biggest fundraisers for the RED NOSES and does great things every year for children and people who urgently need joy in hospital. Especially in challenging times like these, this is more important than ever.

Support the RED NOSES clowns and bring laughter and joy to Austria’s hospitals together with INTERSPORT.