Völkl Racetiger RC red


  • 3D UVO
  • 3D Glass
  • Powered by Steel
  • Gripwalk compatible VMotion3 binding
The high tech giant slalom race carver
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The new designed Racetiger RC with tip rocker allows super sporty long turns with lots of riding comfort. This fantastic combination is possible due to integration of 3D.Glass Powered by Steel and new sidecuts with matching flex and tip geometry, topped off with the UVO 3D. The UVO creates a significant vibration dampening of the ski. The 3D.Glass construction features fiberglass layers running three dimensionally over the ski instead of the usual horizontal-only webbings. This allows more pop and a more agile edge change and grip. The vMotion3 binding with GripWalk option makes sure the whole power gets transferred from the boot to the ski.

Ski Types


The allrounder for Beginners! Best condition and easy turning!


The top quality models of the current season! Perfect grip, stable on hard piste, flexible on soft snow, carve every turn to perfection, less effort…Simply more Fun at the slopes!


The absolute highlights and most exclusive ski models of the current season. For meeting highest demands! Affordable luxury and elegance - The deciding Plus on Image and Performance!

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4.8 Stars
Tolle Auswahl an Equipment, freundliches, hilfsbereites und kompetentes Personal, super schnelle Abwicklung. Jederzeit wieder bei Euch :-)
Stephanie, Frankfurt, February 2020
5.0 Stars
The team in this shop is terrific. I had an issue with a ski and they had the issue resolved in 2 minutes. Checking in is the easiest process ever. The location inHinterglemm is the most convenient.
Randall, Los Altos Hills, February 2020
5.0 Stars
Great service everytime. I especially like the fact that my records are kept on file so that I can get the same equipment each year and I also like the fact that staff at quiet time offered to carry my skis upstairs, that's top customer service!
Florence, Sheffield, February 2020
5.0 Stars
I was on a ski trip with eight other men. We have all skied regularly and go to a different resort each year. All of us ageed that this was "the best ski hire shop we had ever used". Helpful staff even offered to fetch boots or shoes, and offered to carry our skis up the stairs for us. My skis were geeat. I would highly recommend this shop.
Richard, Leeds, February 2020