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You won’t believe your eyes when you will see how many possibilities there are to overcome the mountain in a way that doesn’t involve skis or snowboards. Snowshoes, toboggans, snowbikes and many more. Give free rein to your imagination!



On snowshoes you walk through the deep snowy winter landscape. White glittering snow hills, silence, leaving everyday life behind you. A perfect change from skiing or snowboarding! 
Rent snowshoes for you, your family and friends and let the adventure begin!


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Do you remember? How you sled down the steep mountain for the first time as a child? Now you’re all grown up and want to sled with your own children or with your friends. Sledding is great fun and it is most entertaining when enjoyed with others. Want to race? Who will dare take the jump?

In our rental shop you will find modern and well maintained sleds. So rent a sledge and wake up old childhood memories!


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Originally from the US, this trend has now also become popular in Europe. Everything is possible with the snowbike, be it fun in deep snow, carving or mogul slopes. Even non-skiers will learn the ropes after a few exercises. Recreation, fun and complete body training on the snow! 


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Helmet camera

After your ski holiday, you want to see how well you’ve overcome the slopes? Want to share the great surroundings and your day with your family and friends on Facebook? Then go for the helmet camera. You can rent one, with accessories included, in most of our rental shops.

Rent a helmet camera and capture your experiences in the snow!


A monoski is a wide ski where the bindings are mounted parallel to each other. Spectacular images can be drawn while riding in deep snow, on mogul slopes and while carving. Unlike with a snowboard, you ride a monoski using ski poles. The riding direction is also different from snowboarding: With monoski, you move forward instead of sideways.


A slightly older trend that is still quite popular – bigfoots. Very short skis that are easy to control. Skiing is a piece of cake.

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