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Toboganning is both for children, parents and grandparents, because who doesn't enjoy a ride into the valley? Whether you would just like to watch the snow-covered winter wonderland roll past or you prefer to have a race and be the first to finish the line - the decision is entirely up to you.

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On your sledge, ready, go!

Together with friends or family, you can take the gondola or a "toboggan taxi" up the mountain. Or you can of course walk to the top of the mountain. Once you reach the top, you warm up in a cosy hut before heading back down to the valley. You stand at the start of the toboggan run, jump on your sledge and the race starts. The snow splashes as you make a bend and steer with your feet. As you are nearing the finish line, you give everything to be first.

Austria has numerous toboggan runs, so everyone will find the right sledge run. If you are a night owl , then sledding at night is the right thing for you. A toboggan ride on a flood-flit track bings full of excitement and fun.

We have collected a few tips for you to make the tobogganing trip an unforgettable experience.

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Tip 1: The right sledge

A good sledge should be stable so that you can keep control of it during the descent. Sleds made of wood usually offer a good mix of stability and weight. The skids are fitted with steel rails. It is also important that the sledge has a cord or rope where you can hold on to during the ride. At our rental you will find modern and well maintained sleds.


Tip 2: The right clothes

Waterproof shoes with a good sole are a must when sledging. Ski pants and ski jacket keep you warm (by the way, you can also rent skiwear from our rental shop). Gloves, ski goggles and helmet complete the tobogganing outfit.


Tip 3: It all depends on the right technique

With the right technique, the descent in to the valley is twice as much fun. To slow down or stop, simply put both feet out into the snow. In steep terrain, you should sit in the rear of the toboggan, putting both feet flat on the ground and holding on tight to the sled's front. In addition to that, you can grab the sled by its "horns" and pull it up.

To steer, you simply have to put out the respective foot into the snow and shift your weight towards the inside of the curve. If you want to turn left, press your left foot into the snow. The harder you push, the tighter you can make the turn. You should always slow down before taking a bend, not during taking a bend.


What are you waiting for? Rent a sledge and look forward to a fun toboggan ride!

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