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We at INTERSPORT Rent have exactly what you need when it comes to laidback winter fun. With our rental equipment you will always be fitted with the newest and best quality models. Our RENTertainer know what they talk about since they come from the region and are enthusiastic winter sportsmen themselves. This is why they can assist you optimally in your choice of equipment. Whether you are a beginner or a racer - only the best equipment most suited to your needs awaits you. Our rental offers:

With our equipment, no mountain is too high!

In our INTERSPORT shops, you can get everything from a single source: it’s quick, convenient and cheap. For families, groups, singles or couples, we have the right skis for everyone. And the quality of the experience increases with the quality of the equipment. Enjoy your winter fun!

Our advice is to make the reservation conveniently from home so that you can reach the slopes faster and not lose any precious holiday time. 

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