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For the love of the mountains

Longing for the mountains

Blue skies, glistening snow, perfectly groomed slopes. But nobody is here. A scenario that would have been unimaginable for all of us just a year ago. Today it is reality. The winter conditions in the Austrian Alps are absolutely perfect at the moment, the lifts in the ski resorts are running, but due to the closure of hotels and restaurants, as well as travel restrictions, it is currently not possible for our guests to get to the mountains. But the longing for the mountains remains. So we thought, if you can’t join us this year, why not bring the snowy mountains and holiday feeling to your home?

We bring the mountains to the people


Recipes for mountain hut delicacies at home

Are you also dreaming of winter sports fun in the Austrian mountains, the feeling of freedom and the crystal clear mountain air on the slopes? This winter is special: while the mountains are glistening in white splendour and the slopes in Austria are perfectly prepared, all the hotels and restaurants remain closed and you and all the other winter sports fans from all over Europe sadly cannot come to us.

For this reason we asked Karin Patterer from Krimml to write down her best recipes for traditional and tasty delicacies for all of us. 

Whether it’s Kaspressknödelsuppe, Käsespätzle or Kaiserschmarren – cook your way through the recipes and bring a little mountain hut feeling to your home. We would love to see a photo of your homemade treats on Facebook or Instagram under the hashtag #wintersportsambassador.


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A declaration of love to the mountains

Winter holidays in the Alps are a fixture in the year for many people from all over Europe. Many of them have been spending time in the mountains for generations, enjoying the breathtaking scenery, the fresh air, the endless expanse, ... Because of Covid19 they had to give up the mountains this season and cancel their INTERSPORT Rent ski rental bookings. But the love of the mountains remains. We have received so many emails from people all over Europe who are passionate about winter sports expressing their deep attachment to the mountains. We have summarised excerpts of these in this video.

Become a wintersports ambassador too! Post your declaration of love for the mountains, your best mountain photo or your favourite holiday memory under the hashtag #wintersportsambassador


Most of you can not come to Austria this winter. So why not put on your skiing boots at least? For real slope feeling open the window to feel the cold and watch a webcam of your favorite skiing area.

Thousands already have participated in the #showyourskibootschallenge – did you? Grab your skiing boots (or helmet, gloves, … if you do not have your own boots) and take a picture of them. Post it on facebook or instagram and nominate five friends to participate in the #showyourskibootschallange too. If they do not post a picture within 48 hours they have to donate to the Red Nose Clowndoctors.

By the way: We will raffle some high quality wintersports ambassador fan articles among all postings with the hashtags #wintersportsambassador #unsistkeinbergzuhoch #rentertainer #rotenasenclowndoctors
It’s worth taking part!

Summer in the mountains

You love the mountains in winter? Why not traveling to Austria in summer this year? The season does not matter - our mountains are unique both summer and winter. Enjoy the fresh air while hiking or biking and look forward to delicious cuisine and vastness!

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