Gravel bike rental

Rent a gravel bike and experience freedom on any terrain

For true adventurers, there is nothing better than going on a discovery tour on a gravel bike and exploring the diverse landscapes. The gravel bike offers the perfect mix of speed on asphalt and stability on unpaved paths. There are numerous unique routes in Austria that are especially suitable for gravel bikes. Whether you are already an experienced gravel biker or just starting out - you are guaranteed to experience unforgettable moments on the varied routes!

If you don't have your own gravel bike or don't have your bike with you on vacation, you can rent high-quality gravel bikes from well-known manufacturers in selected INTERSPORT Rent stores. You will find a selection of different models and frame sizes in the gravel bike rental shop. Our local Rentertainers will be happy to advise you on which bike best suits your needs. Hire your gravel bike now and start your ride!

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What makes the gravel bike unique?

The gravel bike is characterized by its remarkable versatility. As its name suggests, derived from the word "gravel", it is a bike that is a mixture of a racing bike and a mountain bike. In contrast to a racing bike, it is not only ideal for use on asphalt roads, but also on unpaved terrain such as gravel paths and loose ground. The wide tires of the gravel bike offer optimum grip and safety, while the special frame geometry ensures a good balance between stability and maneuverability.

A key feature of the gravel bike is the longer head tube and the extended wheelbase, which enable a comfortable riding position and thus make longer tours pleasant. This design makes the gravel bike not only fast and comfortable, but also off-road capable and reliable. Whether on the road or on gravel - the gravel bike impresses with its flexibility. Thanks to its versatility, it is the ideal companion for ambitious bikers and leisure cyclists alike.

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Whether you want to discover new trails on gravel paths or ride on asphalt roads - our Rentertainers will help you choose the perfect gravel bike for you. Our high-quality gravel bikes are available in selected INTERSPORT Rent stores and are waiting to be rented by you for a day or for a multi-day tour. Our Rentertainers also know the best route tips in the region.