Riding your bike in the mountains is real freedom

The perfect bike for each rider - INTERSPORT Rent fulfils all your wishes.

You’re a biker, and you really want to discover the countryside during your summer holiday? No problem, INTERSPORT Rent has the perfect rental equipment for you. You can even book one of our many models in different price categories online. Our INTERSPORT coaches are also happy to assist you on site. There’s nothing you won’t find in our large range of mountain bikes, women’s bikes, cross bikes, e-bikes, comfort bikes, and teen and children’s bikes.

And to make sure you enjoy your sporting holiday, we take care of all the parts of your bike that could slow you down. Our bike service in our top workshops puts gears, brakes, chain and wheels back in perfect shape.

Even more great bike extras


  • Attractive discounts for families and children turn biking trips for mummy, daddy and co into a carefree fun time - for your wallet too.
  • Once you have been gripped by biking fever, you can take your favourite bike back home with you for a very good price. With our Test&Buy campaign, we deduct up to 2 days of rental fees from the purchase price.
  • Some shops also provide a very convenient storage room: we store your bike, service it upon request and recharge the batteries of e-bikes. Your bike is nice and shiny on the next day for you to resume your equally brilliant bike trips.
  • And free Wi-Fi is available so that you are never offline while you’re in our INTERSPORT rental stores.
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