Downhill bike rental

Hire downhill bikes: experience the thrill

Are you tempted by difficult trails, high drops and crazy obstacles? Then hire one of our top downhill bikes and look forward to the descent! Downhill bikes are fullys with at least 200 millimetres of suspension travel and a double-bridge fork. The suspension reliably absorbs shocks and allows you to ride at high speed over rough trails. Our rental downhillers are extremely robust and are meticulously checked for wear and tear by our rentertainers after each rental. Of course, we will also replace the brake pads or other common wear parts free of charge during longer hire periods, should this be necessary. This way you always benefit from a top serviced downhill bike at INTERSPORT Rent bike hire!

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Protectors - Better safe than sorry!

If you're out and about in the bike park, you should attach great importance to wearing sufficient protective equipment. A full-face helmet is a must when riding downhill, because a smart head needs to be protected! We also recommend knee and shin pads, as well as a protector jacket that protects the entire upper body. Which additional protectors you want to use for downhill riding is up to you. For example, have you ever tried whether gloves and downhill goggles have a positive effect on your riding comfort?

Protector waistcoats, elbow and knee protectors, full-face helmets and much more can of course also be found in our bike hire shop. Book your downhill protective equipment online right now.

Protektoren Jacke Bike
Fullface Vollvisier Helm
Knie- Schienbein Protektor

When do I need a downhill bike?

Is the nearby bike park your second home? Only the downhill counts for you, do you prefer the lift to the top? Then a downhill bike is the right mountain bike for you. No trail is too steep and no drop too high for you. You can rely 100 per cent on the equipment and the bike is forgiving of minor riding mistakes. And between you and me, a downhill bike also looks insanely good, doesn't it ;-)

If, on the other hand, you prefer easy trails and like to pedal uphill yourself, other mountain bikes will be better suited to you. Although the suspension travel of a standard full-suspension or hardtail bike is slightly less, these bikes weigh considerably less and are also fun to ride uphill.

Want to experience the difference for yourself? Then simply hire different bikes from INTERSPORT Rent and find out which bike your heart beats for! Our Rentertainers will be happy to advise you!

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