E-bike: up any mountain with the wind at your back

E-Bike Verleih INTERSPORT Rent
E-Bike Verleih INTERSPORT Rent

Being sporting without sweating – the little motor makes cycling a real pleasure.

Those who choose an electric bike don’t do so merely out of convenience. Sometimes you need a little help from a friend – and this is exactly why these sophisticated systems exist. They help you complete your journey while saving your energy. The new e-bikes provide great cycling pleasure with every pedal stroke thanks to perfectly controlled ride assistance. Whether you’re going uphill or on long even routes: this gives cycling a new dimension.

If you are looking for a sporting challenge in the mountains, choose an e-mountain bike. If you’d prefer to admire the landscape while you’re cycling, an e-trekking bike is the perfect choice.

INTERSPORT Rent only offers e-bikes equipped with powerful and durable batteries. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your tour without interruptions.

We are happy to recharge your e-bike in our shop during the night, so you can start pedalling fresh and rested in the morning.

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