Ski in Obertauern

Beatles, mountains and Bibo Bear

Even very young winter sports fans know the famous pictures of the four “mop-tops” in Obertauern. 1965 - very fashionable with their black stretch trousers and skis - the Beatles looked like they had fun during the photo shooting. The decision to film “Help” in Obertauern testified to the place’s snow guarantee. And visitors can still count on it today. Even if the slopes only just exceed 2,300 metres in altitude, you can start very high up.


Skiers get their money’s worth because of the area’s interesting topography and facilities. You never have to take a lift more than once a day. The connecting slopes are limited to a few stations - such as the ascent to the Zehnerkar. Snowboarders have created their own “corner” on the Kehrkopf.


The highlights for fans of Obertauern are the Tauernrunde tour and Lürzer Alm. The entertainment really takes off in the case of the latter, whereby the hustle is largely limited to the path from the pass road to Lürzer Alm. The Tauernrunde tour and the G2, which used to be called Gamsleiten 2 and is the steepest of all the T-bars, both offer exciting descents as well.


Those who would like to try out something unusual will find a pleasant change with snow bikes, air boards, snow kites or biathlons.


The Bibo Bär family ski park offers a fun way to learn skiing. Different contents, learning aspects and degrees of difficulty are conveyed to beginners and moderately advanced skiers on three specially designed slopes. Children can learn the important fundamentals of skiing from indigenous animals: high concentration and vigilance on the slope, a sense of balance, orientation in open country, getting used to speed, adapting your skiing to the slope, riding curves, carving, riding slaloms, hopping and jumping.

Fans of fine evening entertainment are not neglected either in Obertauern.


Lifts: 26

INTERSPORT Rent ski rental/shops: 3

Key points/Links: www.obertauern.com

Contact on site/Tourist office: 5562 Obertauern, Tel.: +43 (0)64 56 / 72 52


  • Night skiing (1.5 km)
  • Sledging (Gnadenalm, 1,5 km)
  • Numerous activities: snow bikes, air boards, snow kites, ice skating and biathlon


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